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Brick Slip Sealant

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Our brick slip sealant is an invisible waterproof membrane barrier. In order to protect your brick slips from soaking in water, simply paint it onto your slips and mortar once completely dry from installation (this could be a week or so). The sealant will soak into the brick, and dry out in a couple of days to end up with a complete barrier against water.

The bottle is 1ltr and will cover around 5m². Perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere else that you may be concerned about water intake.

You can install brick slips yourself by following our step-by-step guide, or ask us for details of a recommended installer in your area.
*Delivery in 4-5 working days - orders over 30 boxes, 150 corner tiles or 100 half tiles may take longer. For delivery costs enter your postcode in at the checkout. Delivery Information
Coverage Information
Red/Orange brick slips just installed with the spacers still inbetween.

Everything you'll need for installation

Brick Slip Accessories

We make sure you have the products you’ll need to use in order to complete your project- specialist primer, brick slip adhesive, different colours of pointing mortar and 10mm brick slip spacers.

A yellow bucket and red spirit level infront of a brick slip wall that has just been installed, still with spacers in

What about tools?

The other things you may need for installation

Any other items you’ll need for installation should be available from your local DIY store if you’re looking to install the brick slips yourself. Your installer otherwise should have everything else required.

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Easy to use

The most you need to do is to mix with water.

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All suitable for use around stoves.

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Specifically formulated for use with brick slips

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Suitable for most common substrates and conditions.

Brick slip pointing - grey mortar being piped in using a mortar gun

Brick slip installation

Install yourself or find someone who can

We have a step by step video and text guide on installing our products if you want to do it yourself. Or if you need a professional to install for you, we have installers around the country who can help

Let us help you
Pale brick slips loose in white boxes.

Calculate for your project

Find out how many brick slips you'll need

Each box of brick slips contains 35 - approximately 0.6m² worth in stretcher or herringbone pattern, allow 15 corner tiles per linear metre. Always add 10% to account for wastage, use our calculators to help work out what you need.

Use our calculation tool


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