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Kitchen Brick Slips
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Kitchen Brick Slips

Brick Slips in Kitchens

Many of our customers use our brick slips in their kitchen, from simple kitchen splashbacks, to feature walls or multiple walls around the kitchen cupboards.

Calculate how many brick slips you need for your kitchen.




We have a few pointers and ideas from customers that may help you in choosing not only which blend you want, but how you're going to use it.


Which Brick Slips Should I Use for My Kitchen?

The straightforward answer is whichever you think will look best. One way to make the decision easier though is through the collections we separate our brick tiles into. If you want or have a very modern kitchen and want something to compliment that - look into our contemporary collection, if you want a farmhouse look of old weathered brick, choose from our reclaimed collection. If you want something that has good colour and texture variations but not too much weathering, browse our traditional collection.


Always consider the colour of your mortar, it makes a big difference- refer to our mortar guide for more information.


Matching The Exterior of Your House

If you want your kitchen to follow on (or as near as possible) from the bricks on the exterior of your home, you could browse all of our brick slips yourself, but you can also simply contact us with a couple of images of the brick walls. We'll let you know what is closest to your bricks so you can get a sample, it may even be that we have a product offline that suits you best.

Matching is a tricky process, as the majority of house bricks are no longer manufactured, however, we have the largest brick tile range in the UK, so we will have something close.



How To Install Brick Slips in Your Kitchen

You need to consider how the shape and design of your kitchen suit different amounts of brick tiles.

The options chosen are normally-

 Feature Wall behind cupboards

A navy handleless kitchen with a grey work surface. Reclaimed style brick slips are behind the units in a sloping roofed extension.

Feature Wall separate to cupboards

A red brick feature wall in a kitchen, a marbled worktop is at the bottom of the picture with a black top showing. There is a bowl light shade hanging from the ceiling, and on the brick slip wall is copper piping with lightbulbs and a pressure gauge at the ends.

Brick Splashback

A grey kitchen with wooden work surfaces, and a black extractor fan above a hob. The backing is a reclaimed style red multi brick slip with cream mortar. Flashes of green from plants enter at either side.

Hob Brick Splashback

Red Brick Slip Hob backsplash with 4 ceramic tiles centrally, above a stove. 3 toucans are affixed to the wall above.
Different Kitchen Brick Slip Designs


Feature Walls

We always prefer installations to keep the effect of a full brick wall. This means making sure no tile edges are visible.

In order to do this, you'll need to tile up to an edge- wall, ceiling, floor, cupboard, work surface etc.

We have corner tiles to maintain the look for external corners, internal corners don't need any extra effort though.

The ideal way to make this happen would be to tile the full wall(s) before the kitchen is installed, that way the worktops will meet at a natural point with the brick, and you won't have to make cuts around cupboards.

However, this isn't always possible, if a kitchen is already installed for example, in which case we advise to take extra care around edges, always keep in mind the effect of genuine brickwork, something not needed for ceramic tiling.


If you choose not to do a full wall, then there are ways to hide the edges of the tile, timber framing or tile edging for example.

However we'd recommend simply using the mortar mix you've used, and making a 45-degree angle between the front edge of the tile and the wall- this gives a more natural look.


Brick Slips with A Kitchen Upstand

If you have an upstand, don't worry about the depth. Where you're having a new kitchen installed and have chosen one- pad it out to make it 25mm-30mm and everything will line up perfectly.

However if you're adding the brick slips afterwards, you obviously could remove a shallower one, but in reality it actually doesn't make too much of a difference having a cm difference in depth, so don't worry.


Other Considerations and Top Tips

One thing many of our customers have decided to install is a glass shield above the hob, this means you can still see the wonderful brickwork, but it makes cleaning food spatters much easier. You can also use our brick slip sealant to help with cleaning, but brick is very hardwearing and easy to look after, we've written an aftercare guide to help with any concerns.


Browse our brick slips to start your kitchen project, we always recommend ordering samples so you can see how each blend looks in your kitchen, it can change depending on lighting and surrounding colours amongst other things.

A blue kitchen with yellow brick slips behind it. A belfast sink is central with a gold tap, a pendant light with large glass shade is just off centre to the right. A blue kitchen with yellow brick slips behind it. A belfast sink is central with a gold tap, a pendant light with large glass shade is just off centre to the right.

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