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Brick Slip Visualiser
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Brick Slip Visualiser

We are delighted to introduce our brick slip visualiser, so you can get an idea of what our blends will look like in your room! However, because of the nature of our products we have a guide on what to use it for and things to be aware of.

You can not only switch between the blends to get an idea of how they'll look, but also select the different mortar colours.

Our customers always say that photos don't do the products justice, and the visualiser will always be a step behind photos- so use it as a guide rather than thinking that's exactly what it will look like.

Things To Consider When Using our Visualiser


The lighting of our images is overall a little brighter than you may see on your wall- this is because we lit our images closely in order to try and show the textures involved. 

The lighting in your space will be reasonably unique in terms of strength, tone, blend of natural and artificial, angle of lighting and colour. We recommend ordering a sample and using our project images


The visualiser uses our panel images, repeated across your wall in order to generate the look. This means you have the same slips replicated, which in reality will not happen- in the reclaimed collection particularly every slip will be unique. 


As a 2D image, the visualiser (and indeed photos) can't full replicate the impact that the texture of our products has- in order to help understand this, order a sample of the blend(s) you're looking at.

Variation Ratios

Brick is a natural product and varies slightly over time, and each individual brick, and therefore slip is unique. This means the variations you receive may not be the exact ratio of our images. The visualiser also extrapolates from our panel images, so can distort the ratios slightly - use our project images to understand how they will actually come out.

 How To Use The Visualiser

Select the walls (or floors) that you want to edit, you can then remove the tiles from those walls, select another blend or just a different mortar colour. If it doesn't pick up the walls quite correctly, or if it looks the wrong size, try another photo from a slightly different angle and/or with slightly different lighting.

You may need to remove the product from all the walls, and deselect the areas you don't want, in order to get started just using it on the one wall

Unfortunately, the visualiser software isn't always able to pick up busy surfaces like existing brickwork, split face cladding or some wallpapers.

 At this time, we only have stretcher bond to show - we'd love to add flemish bond, herringbone and others as we move forward though.



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