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Brick Slip Backing System
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Brick Slip Backing System

What is a Brick Slip Backing System?

A backing board for brick slips is a sheet that can be mechanically fixed to a substrate in order to be able to tile onto, creating a stable, flat surface with grooves to make installation quicker and easier. Our boards are 1.2m x 1m and 12mm thick, and have been tested with both our adhesive, and of course our brick slips.

What Material is Used?

Whilst some backer boards on the market are available in extruded polystyrene, the fireproof and more physically stable version we sell is made from cement fibre board.

Can I Just Use Cement Boards?

The short answer is yes, but our brick slip backer boards come with routed rails, to guide you whilst tiling, meaning you don’t need any spacers, can work faster, and don’t have to worry about keeping the slips level as the courses go up. How thick is the backer board? The boards themselves are 12mm thick, only adding a small amount to the build up of the materials on your project.

Are They Suitable for Internal and External Use?

Yes absolutely, suitable for both. The only consideration is the expense of the board and the time to install them vs the efficiency saving in using them and requirement based on the substrate. What this essentially comes down to is whether you need a flat surface creating for the project, and if not then how big is the project. For example you can install our slips directly onto masonry- but where recladding an entire house, the efficiency of using the boards could save a lot of time and money on installation.

brick slip backer boards

What Substrates Do I Need a Brick Slip Backing System for?

The most common substrates that our backer board is used for are ICF, timber framed walls, and masonry. Masonry can be older brick or blockwork that’s uneven, or simply larger masonry built projects where the boards create a greater efficiency on the project. 

How Do You Install Them?

There are two methods to install the backer board onto your substrate, with our brick slip adhesive, or the more common method of using 36mm stainless steel washers, and appropriate screws for your substrate- see below for guidance. Your fixings should be no more that 30cm apart - we recommend every 4th course and 4 across each panel, making sure that the outside ones are within 5cm of the edges for best results.It’s a good idea to use some adhesive on the back off the board to help hold it in place as you secure the actual fixings.

ICF - Depending on thickness/ICF manufacturer guidance - insulation plugs or masonry screws.

Timber frame - 40mm-60mm M5 stainless steel wood screws

Masonry - 40mm-60mm masonry/concrete screws

brick slip backer board installation

Is There Any Other Benefit to Installing a Brick Slip Backer Board?

Adding the boards to your project will be adding another layer of fire protection as they’re A1 rated. There is also a small increase in insulation (giving a total U value of around 4 depending on the brick slip) for having this extra layer in there.

Can I Buy Them Online?

Currently they aren’t available to purchase on our website, as we are shipping from a separate location. Please contact us about your project though and we’ll be able to set up your order.



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