A dining and living area clad in brown reclaimed style brick slips A dining and living area clad in brown reclaimed style brick slips

Brick Slips from Real Brick

The Brick Tile Company - Genuine Clay Brick Slips

Cut from real clay bricks
Feature walls, kitchens & bathrooms
External walls & fireplaces
Sample panels available
Easy installation
Cut from real clay bricks
Feature walls, kitchens & bathrooms
External walls & fireplaces
Sample panels available
Easy installation

Grey Brick Cladding

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Brick Cladding

Our slips are just cut from full bricks, so are actually designed for use outside, whether it’s cladding a full property, a wall or an outbuilding. They have been used on outdoor kitchens, as patios, pathways and to clad seating areas too. They can be applied directly onto masonry or cement boarding, for easy installation.

Here are some completed external projects from our customers to get you started on the renovations.

Exterior Projects


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some key questions about our products

What Are Brick Slips?

Our beautifully crafted range of blends are just tiles cut from genuine clay bricks, no imitation. They can be called many things- tiles, veneer, façade, cladding and thin or slim brick. The crucial part is that they are real clay bricks, cut to be tiled onto many surfaces. Each blend comes in boxes of full brick tiles, corner tiles for external corners, and you can also choose half tiles, to create different patterns. Due to the unique nature of firing natural clay, bricks are individual and unique in colour and texture, which is what creates the stunning visual effect of a completed project.

Where Can I Use Them?

The simple answer is virtually anywhere. They will withstand heat and external weather. The only thing to note is that brick soaks in water, so you may want to apply a sealant once they’re dry to help in bathrooms and kitchen splashbacks. From feature walls and fireplaces, to kitchens, bathrooms and external use, brick slips make amazing spaces anywhere in a home or business.

Have a look at our inspiration pages to get an idea of how our customers have used them.

How Are They Installed?

The short answer is that using a brick slip adhesive, you tile them onto a wall, then point them with pointing mortar.

If you are a DIYer, installing our brick slips shouldn’t be a problem. We have a full step by step guide and installation video to help you on your way. If it’s not something that you’d want to do yourself then we have recommended installers nationwide who can give you a professional finish.

When installing brick slips, you’ll also need the special adhesive, 10mm spacers and pointing mortar. We sell all of these too on our accessories page, with 3 mortar colours to choose from.

How Do I Know How Many I Need?

We have our brick slip calculation hub to help you work out how many boxes of the tiles you'll need, along with if you need any corner tiles or half tiles. It also will give you how much of the accessories you'll need to complete your project - brick tile adhesive, pointing mortar, primer and spacers.

The calculators work for multi area projects, and there is also a fireplace specific one. If your project is more complex or you just aren't sure, then we're always happy to help - just contact us.

Can You Help Me Choose?

Our team is on hand to help with your project, and steer you to the best blend and mortar combination for you.

For most projects, it's simply personal preference so have a look at our inspiration pages to see what feels good for you.

If you are wanting to either match closely to an image, or existing brickwork, you can get in touch with an image and we'll let you know what is closest from our stocked range. Additionally we can have over 200 bricks cut to order for you so may be able to get something closer for you, albeit with an extended lead time.

Can I Order Samples?

Of course, we believe it is very important to see your brick slips in person. You need to see them in the lighting and colour context of where they will be installed.

You can order a sample on the page of each blend. Our samples come on a board, laid out in 4 rows of a stretcher bond pattern, with every variation in the blend showing.

You should use them in conjunction with our customer images in order to understand the ratios. Bear in mind that brick is a natural product which will vary.

Why The Brick Tile Company?

We provide 5-star customer service, and strive to give all the help we can possibly provide to make sure you get the finished look that you deserve! Our brick slips are all Brickmakers Quality Charter approved, so you get high quality and ethically sourced products with exceptional service.

For more information visit our full FAQs page, including detailed information about the ordering process, from samples to delivery.

The Ultimate brick slip guide
Red/Orange brick slips just installed with the spacers still inbetween.

Easy Installation

It may seem a little daunting, but installing brick slips is just like tiling, with a couple of differences! We have super simple video guides to help you along the way.