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Real Brick Fireplaces

Our pre-made chambers just mean the installation is already done- the slips are stuck to a panel and pointed, meaning you don't have to do it yourself! If you want a style not listed on our website, contact us as we can have them made for you.


As the panels arrive pre-made, they are installed by screwing in (through the mortar) to the substrate, using screws appropriate for your substrate (timber or masonry are the most common). These screws should be at least 55mm long in order to appropriately secure the panels. Some extra mortar is provided to fill in the holes created once complete.
You can also adhere the panels using a high-temperature adhesive, we recommend using an appropriate adhesive initially and mechanically fixing with at least 6 screws in the back panel, and 4 in the side panels.

Panel sizes

Our panels are made to a standard size of 985mm high, the back is 900mm wide and sides are 450mm wide. There are 2 options of returns- 102.5mm or 215mm. The thickness of each panel is around 35mm.
If you need a different sized chamber, these can be made to order, please contact us with the dimensions, and style you'd like and we will let you know the price and lead time for them.


Delivery of the panels, as with our slips, is made on a pallet to kerbside. The main difference is the weight of each panel is much greater, at around 30-40kg and the panels are more fragile, so they are a 2-person lift.

A bright reclaimed red brick feature wall with a central TV, and a wall unit underneath in grey. the top of a blue velvet sofa is in shot at the bottom.

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