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Smooth, Sleek, Defined

Our contemporary collection is a mixture of smooth square edged brick slips, and monochrome colours.
The sharp defined edges come from high compression, and therefore give a very low water absorption.
The monochrome colours are stand outs, to make a really different project.

Modern, Chique and Impressive

The bold colour and texture of the contemporary collection is something to really stand out. They are best used with contemporary fixtures and fittings to create a high level and impressive space that's right up to the moment.

Consider your mortar

In order to make the most out of these colours, you'll either want to blend the mortar to the brick colour, in order to keep the colourings, or define the brick with exactly the opposite.

What Else Do I Need?

In order to complete your brick slip wall, you'll need bonding primer, adhesive, spacers and mortar. These are all available in our accessories section, or from the bottom of each product page.

You'll also need a tile cutter or angle grinder, notched trowel for applying the adhesive, and a mortar gun or similar for pointing them, as well as a jointing tool for finishing.

A bright reclaimed red brick feature wall with a central TV, and a wall unit underneath in grey. the top of a blue velvet sofa is in shot at the bottom.

Get inspired

Need help finding the 'look' for your space? Why not browse our inspiration pages for each of our brick slip collections.