Brick Slip Installers Near You

Recommended Installers

Brick Slip Installers Near You

We have experienced brick slip installers around the country that we can recommend to you to complete your project professionally. 

If you have a tradesperson who wants to install them, if they haven’t installed clay brick slips before- please make sure they watch our installation videos to make sure they know the steps.


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What are the advantages of a recommended installer?

When using a professional, there are many benefits.

Design help and decision making
Detail oriented
Tools and expertise
Installation speed
Saftey of installation
Design help and decision making
Detail oriented
Tools and expertise
Installation speed
Saftey of installation
Brick slips being installed- a notch is cut out to fit around a kitchen cupboard

Do I need a professional installer?

It’s not necessary to have a professional installer if you have the time and willingness to install the brick slips yourself.

You just need to familiarize yourself with our installation guide and ensure you have all the tools you’ll need.

Installation guide
Rustic brick slips being installed onto a wall

How much does brick slip installation cost?

It can be anywhere from £250 per day up to £450, or £75 - £110 per m² depending on multiple factors, including the skill and experience of the installer; and therefore quality and speed of the job.

There is ultimately no one answer to this, the 3 main variables are

  • The size of the project
  • The complexity of the project
  • The geographic location
Brick slip pointing - grey mortar being piped in using a mortar gun

Can I get a tiler or a bricklayer to install my brick slips?

Installing brick slips is somewhere between these two skills, both professionals shouldn’t have too much trouble with installation.

However, we do say to make sure that if you choose your own installer, they have previously installed real clay brick slips, or at the very least have watched and read our installation guide to understand the differences from their normal job.

It can be risky for these professionals to assume a method of installation based on bricklaying or tiling alone.

For this reason we always suggest to use the qualified and experienced installers that we and our customers recommend.

Brick slip installation - a spirit level checking that the slips are ok.


Can I become a recommended installer?

If you have experience installing brick slips, you can begin the process of becoming a recommended Brick Tile Company installer by emailing us at with photos of your installations, and we’ll get started from there. Alternatively, fill in our form!