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Service Update - Your Brick Slip Deliveries

Service Update - Your Brick Slip Deliveries

For the latest service updates check back in on this page.


Christmas Deliveries and Opening

The final date for deliveries of in-stock items before Christmas is Sunday 17th December. Anything ordered past this date will likely be delivered in the New Year.

For anything low in stock (a warning will appear on selecting your product) the last order date for delivery before Christmas is Sunday 10th December. Anything placed after this will likely be delivered in the New Year.

We are closed 22nd December and will re-open on 2nd January 2024.

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.




Easter Opening Hours

Please note we will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. This will likely affect the lead times on any orders placed between 03/04/2023 and 09/04/2023.




Christmas Opening Hours

The last transport collection will be 21st December, for delivery 23rd December. Please refer to the product dispatch times in order to make sure you order in time- for stocked products this will mean the last date to order for delivery on or before 23rd December is Friday 16th December.

For samples, the last order date for delivery pre-christmas is Monday 19th December.

Please note our customer service team will finish on 23rd December, and return 3rd December




Price Increase

Unfortunately due to pressures on production costs, particularly from energy prices and inflation- our prices will increase on 1st December. We advise customers to place orders before this date to secure the current prices where possible. If you have a quote from us previously, it will only be valid up to 30/11/2022.

The new prices will all be updated on the website on 1st December 2022.

We cannot commit to being able to hold orders for dispatch in December or January, but we will try to accommodate any requests to do so where possible.

We apologise for having to increase our prices, but hope that you will understand the pressures that have necessitated this across our industry.




Bank Holiday Closure

We will be closed on Monday 19th September as the country marks the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.




Factory Closure

We are relocating our factory, which means there will be no collection of orders on either 11/05/2022 or 12/05/2022. This may cause a delay to orders placed around that time- particularly on 09/05/2022 and 10/05/2022.

This relocation will enable us to provide a better service to customers going forwards, we apologise for any inconvenience caused across these 2 days.




Easter Opening Hours-

We will be closed on both Good Friday and Easter Monday, this will impact the lead times of any orders placed around this time.




Christmas Opening Hours-

Our final dispatch day before Christmas will be Tuesday 21st December. Therefore any in-stock product (3-day dispatch) orders must be placed on or before Sunday 19th December to arrive before Christmas.

Any orders placed on 20th December or after will then be dispatched from when we re-open on 4th January.

Any 10-day dispatch products will need to have an order placed on or before 8th December and any 20-day dispatch product orders will need to be placed on or before 24th November.

Our customer service team will be available up to 24th December and will return on 4th January, any communications received between these times will be responded to upon their return.




Due to a shortage of drivers, our transport company has informed us that delays to shipments are likely, we are doing everything we can to ensure that our shipments are booked early enough to be at low risk of this, but the transport company cannot guarantee that our orders won't be affected.




Due to multiple isolation requests, we are experiencing staff shortages, and this may impact dispatches over the next 2 weeks.




We are continuing to operate as normal, however, there is a risk that a positive test in our factory could result in delays to all product and sample orders as colleagues will be required to self-isolate.




We are currently experiencing delays in some samples, and product orders of up to 2 days. This is mostly due to staff shortages whilst having to self-isolate as instructed by track and trace, we appreciate your patience during this challenging time, and hope to be back to normal lead times in the next 2 weeks.


If ordering samples of our non-stocked products, you may be sent full bricks as opposed to our normal sample boards to help with our capacity, we will try to keep this to a minimum and will endeavour to notify you in advance.




We are open as usual under the new nationwide lockdown, with a few changes. Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer our click-and-collect option as we are trying to make sure we keep any contact to an absolute minimum at our factory.

We must also state that in order to continue to stay open we are having to take multiple measures to protect our staff, and this may lead to delays in the dispatch of both sample and product orders, we cannot yet give any specific timescales on these delays as it depends on multiple factors, so we really appreciate your patience at this time.

Finally, we have to make you aware that if anyone working at our factory tests positive for coronavirus, we will have to close the factory for 2 weeks to allow our team to self-isolate and initiate a full clean of the site.

Thank you for bearing with us at this time, we are doing everything we can to meet our customers' requirements and keep our staff as safe as possible.




Re-Opening safely on 11/05/2020

We have been able to further adapt our factory to comply with social distancing guidelines, and as such, are able to safely re-open and begin product and sample dispatches on Monday 11/05/2020.

There will still be delays to dispatches as our operation adapts to working in these new conditions, and we take every possible precaution to protect our staff and customers.

There will be additional delays for the first few weeks as we get through our backlog of product and sample orders, they will be processed and dispatched in the order that they were placed.

We appreciate your business, your support and your patience through this difficult time.

Please note: at this time we cannot give exact delivery dates until your order is processed. We do hope to be able to give these once we have cleared our backlog and understand more about the new working conditions.

If you have any further questions, please email




Safely Re-opening

We are currently planning to re-open in early May, dispatches may still be slow as we adhere to social distancing guidelines. This depends on our staffing availability and is dependent on government advice remaining the same.

Those product and sample orders placed whilst we have been unable to operate will be dispatched in the order in which they were placed, and there will be a lag as we catch up from our backlog.




All dispatches stopped

Due to the measures taken by the UK government to slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have had to take the decision to suspend our operations, for the safety of our staff and those they could come into contact with.

All customers who have placed a sample or product order that has yet to be dispatched will be contacted individually.

You can still place sample and product orders via our website but please be aware that these will not be shipped until we are able to safely re-open our factory, whereupon they will be the first items to leave.

If you do place your order at this time, we will inform you personally as soon as our operations can resume.

This is a very difficult time for us as a small business, but the health of our customers, employees and supply chain is the most important thing.

Please follow us on social media platforms - @TheBrickTileCo to stay updated on the situation.

Stay safe, and stay home.

Kevin Severn,

Founder – The Brick Tile Company




Further to the measures below, we are now cancelling all installations we have arranged through our recommended installer network, those who are impacted have already been contacted, but please be aware we will not be arranging any more installations over the next few weeks.

If you have arranged installation yourself, please contact your installer to check if they are still willing to do the visit.

Samples and product orders are still being dispatched as below, with minimal delays.




Currently, we are operating our business as normal, with slight delays possible in shipments of samples and product orders due to staff precautions at our factory.

Our customer service function is operating as usual, with the precaution that our team members are working from home- we don't expect that to impact your experience.

We are currently recommending people who are wanting to order do it sooner rather than later as a precaution to make sure we can ship the orders.

We don't yet know about the next measures to be introduced by the government, but they could mean we incur longer delays on product orders.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 03338 804 807.



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