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Brick Slip Feature Walls
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Brick Slip Feature Walls

We also have specific guides below for some rooms-

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What Brick Slips Are Best For My Feature Wall?

We have the largest range of brick slips in the UK so you can choose the exact look you want.

The type of blend you go for may depend on a few things, if you want to match to your house bricks or if you have a specific look you know you want, you can contact us with images of the brickwork and we'll help you.

Otherwise, the answer is simply whichever you think will look best. One way to make the decision easier though is through the collections we separate our brick slips into. If you want a modern sleek look - browse our contemporary collection, if you want a farmhouse look of old weathered brick, choose from our reclaimed collection. If you want something that has good colour and texture variations but not too much weathering, browse our traditional collection.


Choosing the Wall

We recommend ordering samples to check how our blends look in your room. Consider the lighting, how each wall gets sun, and any lighting in the room.

Also think about what mortar you'll be using, as it makes up around 33% of the look of a wall, visit our mortar guide for more information.

Consider the decor you want around to compliment the wall, and also consider the fixtures and fittings. Radiators as an example can be tricky to accommodate with tiling, as the depth of tiles can be too thick to fit behind some radiators.



You can choose to fit our tiles yourself or get a professional to do it. We have a step-by-step guide to brick slip installation including a video that you can follow. There is also more assistance on our Ultimate Guide to Brick Slips page.


Fixtures and Fittings

You can attach shelves, pictures or other fixtures through the tiles without any issues, see our aftercare guide for more information on what to do once they've been installed.


Other options To Create An Exposed Brick Wall


Exposing Brickwork

The ideal way to create exposed brickwork is to rip the plaster off and clean up the brickwork underneath...

However, most homes no longer have bricks behind the plaster- but concrete blocks instead.

If you are lucky enough to have brickwork behind your plasterboard, you also are stuck with what you have- you don't get to choose what they look like.

Building a Brick Wall

Another solution would be to build a brick wall in front of your wall.

However it's not all that practical- quite a messy, bulky product, it would need a professional and would need to be secured with the wall to make it safe.

You would also lose a little extra space in the room with this approach.

Brick Wallpaper or Brick Effect Tiles

The real budget way to achieve something resembling exposed brickwork is through wallpaper with a brick print. Whilst some are convincing from a distance, there is no texture to it, and even with expert installation, you can see the lines in between the paper.

Brick effect tiles are also available, but lack the authenticity of natural clay brick- they will be more repetitive. They also come with mortar effects already, meaning even if you match the mortar colour for the joins, there will be visible differences.


The issues listed above are the reasons why we created The Brick Tile Company.

Our brick slips are the real product, cut from real bricks- so you get the natural variations, textures and feel of real brick- but with the ease of installation that comes with tiles.

There are a few difficulties with tiles when it comes to exterior corners, for example, so we have corner tiles pre-cut to keep the look genuine around corners.

Browse our brick slips to start your feature wall project

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A blue kitchen with yellow brick slips behind it. A belfast sink is central with a gold tap, a pendant light with large glass shade is just off centre to the right. A blue kitchen with yellow brick slips behind it. A belfast sink is central with a gold tap, a pendant light with large glass shade is just off centre to the right.

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