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What to Know About Your Product Delivery
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What to Know About Your Product Delivery

How Your Order Arrives

We will let you know your delivery date when your order is dispatched, we always inform the delivery driver to notify you an hour before delivery, however, please be aware that this doesn't always happen.

Your order will be delivered by either a 9.5-ton or 11.5-ton vehicle, if a bus would struggle to reach your delivery address, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements for a smaller vehicle.

The tiles come packed onto a 1m x 1m wooden pallet, this is offloaded at the rear of the vehicle and moved to the kerb of your property by a pallet truck- if you have gravel or a steep incline then they may not be able to get it up to your property.

Please ensure you are at the property to accept delivery or inform us of a safe place to leave the pallet that is reachable with the pallet truck.

Please do not book an installer until your tiles have arrived.


When Your Brick Slips Arrive


Check the Pallet

Our products leave the warehouse wrapped in the above-branded shrink wrap, if for any reason the pallet looks damaged, the shrink wrap is torn, or there is a different shrink-wrap covering it- please take photographs, inspect the products and if anything is broken please let us know by emailing with the photographs. The adhesive will be labelled 'slipbond', white mortar 'chalk, cream mortar 'york', and grey mortar 'natural'.

You must report any issues to us within 48-hours of receipt of the pallet so we can investigate and make good any issues.


The Tiles May be Darker than the Sample

In order to cut the brick into tiles, we have to use a wet saw. This can mean that when your tiles arrive, they may still hold residual moisture, as much as we try to let them dry out before shipping we have been unable to find a feasible solution for this.

Therefore don't be alarmed if your tiles are darker than you expected, and the variations in the blend aren't as clear as on your sample. They will become lighter as they dry and the variations through salts will become more apparent.

You can see the difference in the picture above (blend 1). If you are concerned, take a few of the tiles and pop them in a warm and well-ventilated place, you'll see them dry out somewhat overnight to confirm the true colour for those ones, and therefore the rest.

It is perfectly fine to install the tiles whilst they are like this, it will not affect the adhesion- you just need to be a little more vigilant that the variations in the blend are evenly spread, as the variations won't be quite as apparent.

They won't take too long to dry once spread out (on the wall or otherwise) at room temperature.

Blend 1 dry brick slip panel on top of the brown brick slips still wet from cutting.
Blend 10 dry brick slip panel on top of the cream brick slips still wet from cutting.




Brick Slips

Unfortunately brick is a fragile product when cut into brick slips, therefore we do allow a tolerance of up to 5% for breakages in transit, we recommend using any broken tiles to cut down for the ends of the wall so they aren't wasted.

If you have ordered a blend from our reclaimed collection, please bear in mind that these are tumbled to give them the character, so they will have worn or 'chipped' edges on many tiles as well as those that have a completely irregular shape. Don't worry about these, they may not look the best in isolation, but when scattered around and mortared, they really add to the look- if you have an installer not familiar with our products then make sure they don't simply discard them, as you won't get the full character but may also end up short, or have to group them all together at the end which will look odd.

If you don't want this irregular and 'perfectly imperfect' look, please look at our traditional or contemporary ranges instead.

Reclaimed style brick slips - diagram showing the individual rustic chipped tiles on the wall.
Reclaimed style brick slips- with chips knocked off the corners.



Our mortar and adhesive come double wrapped in a coated thin card and a plastic interior. If the bags are torn on arrival for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible with a photograph to show the damage.

If the bags are wet, please check that the inner plastic has not been breached- if this is still intact the products will have no problem, if you are still concerned though please dry the bag out and check the bag the following day once dry to ensure that it is still in powder form inside (simply squeeze the bag all-around to check). If there are any solid sections, this means that the mortar or adhesive has been exposed to water- if this is the case please send a photo to us as soon as possible so we can resolve this.




The colour variations in the blend may be packed separately, so if you don't see the variation you expect, it could also be that they are in separate boxes so open the others to make sure.

Our samples cannot reflect the exact number of different tile types in each box, as clay is a natural product there will always be different levels of each variant too

We always recommend mixing the tiles from all boxes so you can spread the variations in colour and textures across the wall. If you have ordered reclaimed style tiles.

Reclaimed style brick slip close up



We do accept returns if you have a full box of tiles, corner tiles, half tiles or any unopened accessories remaining after the installation. However, the transport cost for the return would be deducted from any refund, effectively meaning that if you only have one box remaining it's usually not worth returning, you have 30-days before a re-stocking charge will be applied, and we cannot accept returns over 60 days.

Returns Policy



If you aren't using one of our recommended installers, or another experienced brick slip installer, please ensure you or your chosen installer have read the steps and watched the video on our installation guide to make sure they are installed correctly.


After Installation

Please see our aftercare guide for everything you need to know once the project is completed.

After the project is dry (which may take a week or so) and the room complete, please send us your highest resolution pictures (a smartphone full-sized image is great) to enter our photo competition and we may use them on our social media or website, if you'd like to be tagged on social media, just let us know!


If you have any other questions, please contact us to let us know.



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