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Why Do The Brick Slip Blends Look Different in Photos
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Why Do The Brick Slip Blends Look Different in Photos

We love receiving completed inspirational project images from our customers because we can show beautiful spaces but also it means our customers can see the way our products look in different spaces

There are so many factors that can impact the look of a product, meaning that it can look like a completely different product in different spaces.


The main factor that impacts the way our products look is the lighting. There are so many factors to consider

The Hue

Lighting can vary from warm to cold, amber to white. These tones mean the whole room can have a completely different look and feel.

The Strength

The power of the lighting in a room means a lighter or darker look in your room.

The Angle

Due to the texture of bricks, catching the lighting from a slightly different angle can change where the highlights and lowlights are on the brick and make different shadows.

The same brick slip chimney breast at different times of day, one paler image and one more vivid.

Blend 4 on the same fireplace at different times of day


The brick slips may be the main focus of your choice, the colour of the mortar used and the profile of the mortar joint make up around 33% of the brickwork so makes a huge difference.

See our mortar guide for more information on both of these factors to help you make the best decision.

Blend 4 red brick slips with 3 different mortar colours - white, cream and grey.

Surrounding Colours and Texture

As with the mortar, the surrounding items, from adjacent walls to fixtures and fittings can impact the context of how the tiles are seen.


Brick slips are a natural clay product, so each tile is at least subtly different. Therefore the way the tiles are blended together can have an impact- some customers even leave out a particular shade in installation.


One thing to bear in mind is the moisture in both the tiles and mortar. Our tiles are cut wet, and this moisture can still be in the tile when it arrives, so it will lighten as it dries, as will the mortar.

 Blend 10 cream brick slips, straight on with cream mortar and at an angle with darker, more recessed mortar.

Blend 10 in different lights, with different mortar colours and profiles.

How Do I Make Sure I Make The Right Decision?

We always recommend viewing all the images available on our website to narrow down your choices, but our project images and our studio images may not reflect how they would look in your space.

That's why we offer our brick slip sample panels, we recommend you hold them up in the space where you're installing the tiles and do so in the varying lights throughout the day. This way you should get the best impression of how the end project will look.

If you need help choosing your sample panels, you can contact us to help narrow it down, just let us know what look you want, and upload any images you've seen or of the wall that you are matching to if that's the case.



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