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All the Items you Need to Install Your Brick Slips
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All the Items you Need to Install Your Brick Slips

What Do I Need To Complete A Brick Slip Installation?

We have compiled a list of all the things you need or could use to install our brick slips. In order to help you complete your project, we supply the brick slip-specific products: bonding primer, brick slip adhesive, 10mm spacers and pointing mortar, the rest you should be able to buy from your local DIY store.

  • Full TilesCalculate how many you need
  • Half Tiles where required- see our bond patterns guide for more information
  • Corner tiles where required for maintaining the brick look around external corners
  • Stanley knife for scoring the surface to give a greater surface area for adhesion
  • Bonding Primer (1 litre for every 5m²) to help give the maximum strength of adhesion
  • Brick Slip Adhesive (20kg is 4m²) or a cladding system with attachments
  • 10mm Spacers (200 for every 3.5m²)
  • Pointing Mortar (25g is 3.5m²)
  • Mortar dye where required, see our mortar guide for more information
  • Dust sheets to keep surfaces clean
  • Extra protection for kitchen pieces or furniture - Brick slips are hard, we don't want you to dent or scratch anything
  • Pencil to mark the wall whilst measuring up and tiles where cuts are required
  • Cutter - either a tile cutter or angle grinder to cut the tiles for the ends and top of the wall if required
  • Adhesive trowel to apply adhesive to the wall and tiles
  • Bucket to mix adhesive and water, we'd recommend a flexible one
  • Mixer (plus drill if needed) for combining adhesive and mortar
  • Spirit level for checking the level if desired
  • Pointing gun to apply the pointing mortar
  • Stiff brush to remove excess mortar on bricks
  • Pointing trowel to create a profile, learn more in our mortar guide
  • Brick sealant (1 litre for every 5m²) and brush if required, see our aftercare guide for more information
  • Dustpan and brush/hoover to clean up afterwards



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