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Our New Website
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Our New Website

Welcome to an updated version of our website.

We wanted to improve a few aspects of how you can browse, sample and buy brick slips. This site is faster and more reliable than before, whilst giving us the opportunity to better help you in your process.

Inspiration - we have put our customer's projects into inspiration by space, and inspiration by collection, so you can see projects like yours completed with the effect you want.

Installation - we've enhanced our installation guidance to give you a better view of how to install our products yourself. We've also created a recommended installer section so we can find you the closest professional brick slip installer to do it for you.

Calculation - we've made a short calculation tool on each product page to help with the simpler projects, and made our existing full calculators easier to understand, with different bond patterns, and a special fireplace calculator.

Product Information - on each product page you can now see where to use them, the product datasheet and what mortar colour is used for each image you see, along with additional information.

Accessories - you can now see the accessories on the product pages to make sure you don't forget them - the mortar colour that is most popular with that blend is also displayed to help you.

Help - Our FAQs is still available, but you can also now search for any specific guidance. 

Additional guidance - once you've ordered your product or sample, you will receive additional guidance on the dispatch to make sure you know exactly what should happen, and any things to be aware of.

As always, if there's anything else you need an answer to, you can call us on 03338 804807 or email



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