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Case Study - External Cladding Project, Windsor
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Case Study - External Cladding Project, Windsor

We were approached in January 2023 by a customer looking to renovate and re-invigorate his detached house in Windsor.

The plain, dull yellow brickwork wasn't the look he wanted on his property, and he was planning on making a few small alterations such as a porch canopy, whilst overhauling the full look. He wanted to take a beautiful brick, alongside a clean white render, and came to us with our blend 4 brick slips in mind having looked at our customers' images.

"From a style point of view, we wanted to transform a bland 60s brick house into a cottagey and characterful house with aged bricks but on a budget that suited. We saw some brick slips at other companies that looked contrived in the fact they were aged but they looked manufactured whereas the Blend 4 we chose actually looked reclaimed."

With a white render already decided on, we agreed on using the white pointing mortar to tie into that perfectly, meaning a much more cohesive final look across both sections of the house. In making some changes to the frontage, extra insulation was being applied, and we recommended using a brick slip backing system to install the slips in a quicker, easier and in this case more secure manner.

The backing system we provided was an XPS railed backer board, which was mechanically fixed to the existing structure, providing a perfect backing to quickly install the slips, with the horizontal spacing already outlined. The extra insulation provided by this was another benefit in addition to the time-saving on the install.

The customer enlisted Signature Properties in Windsor to implement the changes, building out the frontage, and installing both the tracking system and the brick slips. Another feature they added was to highlight the window openings, with a soldier course above those on the rendered side, which the customer affectionately calls 'eyebrows'.

The transformation was also taken to the rear of the property, and blend 4 was installed up to a metre high, to continue the look from the frontage of the property, adding a little more texture and colour that just the white render.

The final look is an amazing transformation from a dated and plain building, to a wonderful smart and characterful family home. Most importantly the customer was delighted with how it turned out.

"We have had so many complements from people walking past the house during the build!"

Detached house before cladding Brick Slip Cladding being installed
Brick slips on the rear of a property Brick Slip Cladding on a House



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