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Brick Slips Vs. Brick Wallpaper - Which One Should You Have On Your Wall?
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Brick Slips Vs. Brick Wallpaper - Which One Should You Have On Your Wall?

When it comes to modern interior design, people want the real deal (or close enough…) is brick wallpaper good enough?

If you’re looking to invest in the long-lasting appeal of your property, a popular and universally attractive look is exposed brickwork. 

It adds a rustic charm that can elevate a house of any size and any location to something more. It provides a texture and splash of colour that isn’t possible with paint or wallpaper.

While exposed brickwork isn’t possible in all properties, particularly modern builds, there are other options. Brick slips are the alternative option to genuinely exposed brickwork.

They are certainly cheaper and simpler than installing a full brick wall inside your home.

And they’re a darn sight better than brick wallpaper…


Brick Wallpaper Doesn't Quite Cut It

One way of getting a brick effect is putting up brick wallpaper.

However, the difference between brick wallpaper and brick tiles is like anything where price reflects value. You could stay in a Travelodge and it will do the job but staying in a Hilton will probably be more pleasant. You can get brick wallpaper for a tenner yes but is it really worth it?

It’s cheap for a reason. Some of it’s better than others but for the most part, it’s an unconvincing imitation of the real thing. Depending on the quality it won’t necessarily last that long either.

As with any wallpaper, there’s a danger that it rips or corners come away from the wall. This ends up looking worse on a brick effect than it would on a plain colour wallpaper. Bricks aren’t supposed to tear after all.

There’s not much point in having a brick effect wallpaper if defects ruin the illusion.

Successful interior design is achieved through authentic features and lots of character. Brick wallpaper often has generic cookie-cutter designs that actually draw people’s attention for the wrong reason. 

Now, the fact that it’s flat and untextured may be of value to some projects, particularly in a corporate setting. Other than that though they aren’t a realistic alternative to the real thing.

Brick slip walls are often feature walls; part of a larger room. As such, they need to be just that. A feature.


What's so Great About Brick Slips?

Brick tiles are created by wire cutting about 22mm from the front of a brick.

They’re manufactured specifically so they can be added to a pre-existing surface. You can read more about that in our post about installing brick tiles.

Because each one is a cut of genuine brick, they are as authentic as you can get. You’ll get all the colour, all the character and even some of the natural variations (if that’s the look you’re going for) that you would get with normal bricks.

They are a long-lasting option due to their hardwearing nature, particularly if they’re inside. A lack of exposure to the elements is bound to be of benefit. And the longer they last the more value they have.

Brick slips are obviously not integral to a structure but they provide more flexibility than real bricks. You can add a brick wall wherever one is needed. 

Not only that but you can do it yourself pretty easily.

Real Brick Has No Substitute

Brick slips have the unique advantage of being made of brick material but not actually being bricks. You can apply them anywhere and they look real.

Brick wallpaper on the other hand doesn’t achieve the same effect. It might work in some settings but your home deserves better. Yes, you do pay a bit more for the benefits of brick tiles but ultimately those benefits make it worth it.

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