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What Is The Difference Between Brick Tiles and Brick Slips?
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What Is The Difference Between Brick Tiles and Brick Slips?

Fixing the front part of bricks onto walls and backing structures started in the 1990s and is becoming an increasingly popular process in both the external construction industry and the interior design world. Both domestic and commercial projects are benefitting from the unique look and feel of brickwork without the need to employ a bricky, but nearly 3 decades later there still seems to be some confusion over what they are called.

Brick Tiles, Brick Slips, Slim Bricks, Brick Veneer, Thin Brick, Brick Facade . . . So what is the difference?

Brick slips are either cut from full bricks, or made in the same way as bricks, but just thinner. Brick tiles can either refer to the same thing, or they can be an imitation.

The terminology around our products can be confusing. Whilst the brick industry knows our products as 'brick slips', that is a niche reference that not everyone will be aware of. We chose our company name to help bridge the gap, as essentially brick slips are just tiles, cut from bricks.

All of the below are general terms that refer to genuine brick, cut or pre-moulded into 'brick slips'

  • Brick Veneer
  • Thin Brick
  • Brick Cladding
  • Brick Facade
  • Slim Bricks

These different terms and names have been made up by people within the UK or US brick industry during this time but they all refer to the same thing which is ultimately the front part of a brick which have been either purposely manufactured or cut away from the body of the brick to a particular length, height and thickness.

The oldest name from this bunch is probably Brick Slips, as it is one of several designated BS4729 categories of special shaped bricks promoted and manufactured by the UK's brick manufacturers and this document goes back a long time.


So what do I need to look out for to make sure I get the real product?

To make the right decision- just make sure that the product you are looking at, whatever name it has been given, is made from genuine clay.

Many imitations are made from concrete, ceramic or even compounds to try and recreate the colours and textures of fired brick. If you want the absolute real product, then also make sure that they were cut from bricks, rather than moulded specifically as brick slips to ensure full texture and authenticity.

Our products are all cut from genuine clay bricks, so give the real, authentic look- once they are on your wall no one should be able to tell that it isn't exposed brickwork! 

Browse our brick slips to start your project and order a sample to see them in person



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