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Why Choose The Brick Tile Company?
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Why Choose The Brick Tile Company?

There are a few options when it comes to creating a feature internally, or creating a wonderful exterior, brick slips are one of those and we believe it's the best. We also know there are other options to create your brick effect, and other brick slip providers out there.

Why Brick Slips from The Brick Tile Company?


To put it simply, our products and our service are the two things we believe make us stand out, and we want to explain how, and why that's important, and explain a little more about each aspect.


What's Different About The Brick Tile Company Products?


Genuine Clay Brick

Our brick slips are made from fired clay, just like the majority of the bricks in the UK. There are cheaper options out there, usually concrete coloured to look like fired clay.

Being a natural ingredient dug out of the earth, it has unique properties that give a natural variation in look and texture. This means each tile is unique. The only time this isn't the case is in our contemporary collection, where the clay is manipulated and coloured to become more uniform for that modern smooth look, which also means they are slightly heavier tiles.

A close up of brick slips in a box


Cut from Full Bricks

You may find some brick slips that are cheaper as they're moulded and fired as brick slips, rather than being fired as bricks and cut. This may seem more economical, but it does detract from the look. In order to create the variation to make brick aesthetically pleasing, the moulding of the clay will create creases, which are diminished in a smaller area.

In using full bricks, we can also apply processes to them, specifically tumbling them to knock off the sharper corners and create an even more unique and desirable look, as if aged.

It also has the added bonus that if you need some full bricks to complete a design, it's entirely possible.


Quality of The Bricks

The bricks that our tiles are cut from are all new products, multiple processes are applied to them in order to create the reclaimed style- from mixing in additives for colour on the surface (such as paint or plaster), to the tumbling to create unique shapes.

All of our products are certified as 3-star (the highest level) under the Brick Development Associations Brick Makers Quality Charter. This means they are certified as being made to the highest standards, ensuring the longevity of the product itself and its aesthetic qualities. This is to act as reassurance on the quality of our brick slips, as not all bricks in the UK are certified at all.

We love the look of genuinely reclaimed bricks, they clearly have an authenticity to them which is wonderful. However, the cost of finding buildings that are demolished, and sourcing and cleaning them does mean they become very expensive and the supply can't always be relied upon.

The additional factor with genuinely reclaimed products is that there's no guarantee in the quality, they may have been manufactured under much lesser standards than today. This isn't as big an issue with brick slips as it would be with load-bearing bricks but must be taken into account

Brick Maker's Quality Charter Logo

Providence of The Bricks

Under the Brick Maker's Quality Charter we also have a thorough supply chain audit to ensure the ethics of our brick production. As a naturally occurring ingredient around the world, clay can be mined and fired in any country. Unfortunately, this does mean that some bricks can arrive in the UK having been made under poor humanitarian conditions.

Under the Brick Makers Quality Charter, we can assure you of the transparency and ethics of our supply chain, all bricks are made under either UK or EU regulations.



Why Should I Try The Brick Tile Company?


Customer Experience

Brick Slips aren't a cheap product, and are also not something universally understood.

Therefore we feel it is of paramount importance that we can give our customers all of the support, advice and guidance necessary to complete their individual projects. We have an extensive online brick slip guide that will answer most questions, and if you order a sample, you'll receive an email with guidance, as well as a handy leaflet on arrival. Ultimately, you may also need specific guidance or reassurance on your specific project.

We are available by email at, by phone on 03338 804807, live chat on the website or on social media - @thebricktileco to help you wherever you need it.

We will treat every project with the same high level of assistance, from 3 boxes for a fireplace chamber, to a 900m² apartment block, although both will have different questions attached to them!

Don't just take our word for it, we're rated 5 stars on Trustpilot by our customers- take a look.

5 stars


Proper samples

When you order our samples, we want you to see the product as well as logistically possible. Therefore we send out the tiles themselves stuck onto a backing board as if they were on the wall. Every major variation in the blend you choose will be on that board, the problem this creates is that it doesn't show the ratio of that blend, so we advise using the sample in tandem with our images.

We give 4 rows of 1 1/2 tiles so you get a good idea, along with our printed sample guide, all in a protective box.

A row of 6 different samples of brick slips lined up on brick tile company boards


Recommended Installers

We have an installation guide, which we'd recommend you take a look at, just to familiarise yourself with the process anyway, but if you're not wanting to get involved in putting your blend onto the wall, just let us know and we'll tell you who your closest recommended installers are. There are currently 2 levels of recommendation; most have been used and recommended by our customers, using our products. Otherwise, we have installers who have been verified as having installed brick slips previously. We will let you know which category your installer falls under.

Our recommended installers are always an option, if you get concerned about doing it yourself at any point, or if you're not happy with the work of your own tradesperson then we have had our recommended installers rescue customers a few times.


Who We Are

Ultimately we're a small, family-owned business and we know that the best way to grow as a company is to be great. We want to provide great products with great customer service. We know that whilst logistics and natural products are involved that not everything will be perfect all of the time, but we're set up to deal with that and react to any issues in your best interest.


Browse our brick slips to start your project, and don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help!



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