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Brick Slip Samples
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Brick Slip Samples

We always recommend seeing our brick slips in the location that they're going to be installed. So many factors can influence how it looks, from choices such as bond patterns, mortar colours and mortar joints, to aspects about the location: lighting angles and hues, contextual colours and overall space.

What Are Brick Slip Sample Panels?

Our panels are 4 rows of 1 and a half brick slips, they are made to show the variations of the blend, but due to the size of the panels it can't necessarily reflect the ratios you'll receive. Therefore we recommend using them with our customer and panel images to understand that, it may be that you have only a half tile in one of the colour variations as opposed to a full tile, so inspect it carefully to be sure.

Sample panels are 395mm high x 340mm wide and will arrive via Fedex carefully packaged and suitably protected, along with a brick slip sample guide free of charge. We'll also send you a couple of emails after your order with further information to help.

 Brick Slip sample panel on top of a box of tiles

How Do I Order a Sample?

Each Blend has an option to add the full tile boxes, corner tiles and/or half tiles to your basket, with an add to cart button. The add sample button is just beneath that, and will bring up a cart that you can fill with up to 3 different samples.

We've restricted it to 3 samples per customer as we subsidise the cost of the panels and their shipping. If your unsure, please contact us for help, particularly if you're matching to another brick, and we'll happily advise on the best 3 for you.

What Should I do with My Samples?

Once you've chosen your blend, we recommend keeping hold of the sample you ordered, as you can actually take the slips off the board and use them if you are a couple short.

Once the project is completed, or for those you don't choose unfortunately we don't have the facility to return the panels yet, due to the cost of shipment. However we would like to recycle them wherever possible, you can pass them on to friends, make local people aware if they are looking into brick tiles, or take them to your local builder's merchant, unfortunately they likely won't be able to refund the cost, but hopefully it keeps someone else from having to order one.




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